Thursday, 11 July 2013

LFCC---oh yes.

So last weekend was LFCC, London Film and Comic Con. The best con of the summer. Last year I had the best weekend. Met some of the most amazing people, who are now my dear friends. There wasn't lots of famous people I wanted to met, but just went to see friends and meet new friends. After work, I caught the train to London and got straight on the tube to mine, Sarah and Elspeth's hotel. It was very small, but perfect for the centre of London! And price wise too! Lovely area as well! 
We got on the tube to Earls Court to meet Joe and Stephen. The queue was giant. Had an awesome pre-view evening meeting the Hoff and lots of faces off of Instagram. It was nice people coming up to me in the queue congratulating me on winning a signed Much Ado poster by Joss Whedon on twitter....that was strange and nice.
Saturday morning was insane. Giant queues. But the day was fun. Lots of videos were taken of my friend Joe. He's such a show off. He's awesome. After the con we decided to go see Much Ado. This made me happy as I hadn't even seen it yet! No cinemas near me were showing it. 
The cinema was wonderful, and the movie was beautiful. Alexis and Amy were complete stars. Fran was perfect. And Nathan and Tom made me laugh far too much. I am so excited to meet Alexis and Amy at HW5 now. After a perfect evening, it was time to get the tube back to the hotel, at which a Rolling Stones gig had just finished...crazy tube mayhem. 
The last day was sad, mostly because people had to leave and I was so tired from the weekend. Met lots of awesome people, and made many new friends. Sunday was chilled out until it was time to go home. On the train home I was following the tennis on my phone, until we went through a tunnel. When we came out there were giant screams on the train. Knew Andy had won then. Also coming home to my poster signed by Joss was a perfect end to a perfect weekend.

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lina said...

i've always wanted to go to comic con here in san diego. for some reason, it seems like the one there in london is more personal though. what hotel did you stay in?? miss you friend! but I WILL SEE YOU SOON!!