Thursday, 11 July 2013

Stuff that happened ages ago

So, blogging hasn't really been happening recently. And to be honest it should. I have been quite busy, but I should of really made the time. 
Anyway, interesting things to talk about, I got new glasses, I got a new phone, I queued for like 12hrs to see Joss Whedon talk about his new movie.
Ok, let's talk about that. So my friend Elspeth found out that Joss was doing a free talk in the Apple Store in London. So we decided to all go. Really didn't know what time to get there, in the end we went early because we really wanted to go. So got to the store just after 7am...the event didn't start till 7.30pm...couldn't quite believe I was doing this, but it's Joss. Got to the store and there were already some people there. The next 11hrs were perfect. Real bonding with fellow Whedon fans, who are now my friends. It was a crazy long day, however I was sat in the front row, and listened to Joss, Alexis, and Amy talk about Much Ado About Nothing. It was so perfect. Joss means a lot to me. He gave me Buffy. And because of Buffy and his other work, I now have some of the greatest friends anybody could ever want. It was very emotional and very awesome to have seen him. I didn't meet him, but that didn't matter. Joss is boss. And it's one of the greatest things I have ever done. Listening to him talk about his work was perfect.

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