Saturday, 23 November 2013


So I am far too excited for Christmas this year. I convinced David to watch elf one evening, and then we went Christmas crazy. 
David made some mulled cider, which was simply delicious. This made me feel so Christmassy. The smell was wonderful.

I also caved and brought the eggnog, and we had homemade Starbucks style eggnog coffees. So good. So many treats.
It's been so cold recently. I really do need a super cute pair of gloves. My hands are always cold. Also I really need to start my Christmas shopping. I mean, I have started, but I need to get going! It's going to be so stressful nearer the time.
All I can think about at the moment is the fact we got tickets to see Katy Perry, looking forward to see The secret life of Walter Mitty, snuggles, redcups, my new gingerbread man jumper, and that Doctor Who is 50th today! Didn't get tickets to go see it in the cinema, mostly because Dad went on and on about how 50 years ago today he watched it behind the sofa, and 50 years later he would be watching it on the sofa. Oh Dad, haha. Very excited to be watching that tonight, just wish and hope Moffat will surprise us with more Doctors. I can hope.


Jess said...

I've got the Christmas bug too--I'm actually drinking Christmas tea while I'm typing this!

I want to start watching Dr. Who, but I'm so intimidated. There's SO MUCH. I don't even know where to start!

angelaremondi said...

I love all of these pictures!! I've gone a little Christmas crazy myself finally :) Such a lovely time of year