Friday, 1 November 2013

Week off: Part 1

So my week off has finally come to an end. This time last week I had just finished the Gold pass meet and great at Hallowhedon. So last weekend I went to Birmingham for HW5. The best thing about this con is seeing all my friends. All of which I have meet through this con, and that makes me smile. 
So many wonderful and random things happened during the weekend, from Amy's video message, Alexis doing the Wesley dance and then leading the conga, winning a spot at the writers workshop with Brad and Jane, all the sweets Immy brought over, all the meals with friends, that awesome moment when I screamed at Stephen in the lift, when Marie and Jeanne arrived, star trekkin' 3 times, getting my much ado poster signed by Alexis and Tom, Jeff running around the stage, Jeff and Sarah's talk, listening to Brad and Jane talk about their work, dancing all night, and that time we got Brad Bell to Joe's hotel room.
That's probably the best story. So months ago my friend joe had tweeted Brad asking him if he wanted to play Pop-Up's a kids game if you didn't know. It was all jokes and stuff, until Brad tweeted him back saying sure thing! Then on the Saturday of the event he tweeted about the game. I then spoke to him at the workshop and explained what the game was, and showed him photos. He was totally up for it still. Then at the party that evening he was talking and dancing with us, he said he would still play later. It was then about 1:50am, and Brad came up to us and said, 'We gonna play Pop-Up pirate then?!' And my friend Stephen turned to me and said, 'where's joe?!' Joe had gone to bed. Brad then replied that his boyfriend had wanted to leave the party ages ago, but Brad had said no because of the game. Stephen then joked we could go to his hotel room and wake him up. Brad paused for a moment and then said let's go. We ended up grabbing friends on the way, Jeanne was ringing Joe to wake him up. We get to his hotel room door and Brad is standing spread out in front of the door. Joe takes ages to answer, and when he does we all scream and clap. Seeing the look on Joe's face was brilliant. And then Brad and Joe played the game, and then we all did. We then all talked about old movies and tv shoes for ages. It was the best night, so random and wonderful.

The whole weekend was great. Spending time with my best friends, dancing the nights away, and celebrating the work of Joss Whedon, is the best way to spend a weekend.

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