Monday, 18 November 2013

Will you

Having time to stop and think sometimes can be a good thing. It also can be a bad thing. 
have been listening to Lana Del Ray on repeat for the last couple of days, I haven't seen Friday's episode of shield, I need a good cup of tea, I need to write letters, I had to eat roast dinner yesterday, and Charlie didn't rejoin with Busted. But that's life. Sometimes it's tricky, but you carry on. These tiny little things don't change me, they just effect me. I take it in, and move on.
Seeing friends this week has been perfect. So many catch ups with dear friends. Laughs and mulled cider out of the biggest pint glass I have ever seen. Starbucks red cups with laughs and serious talks. It's getting colder, and I really need a good pair of gloves.


The Tea Drinking English Rose said...

love you

Hannah said...

I adore you missy! New year I promise to come see you xxx