Sunday, 3 November 2013

London calls my name

So just got through the door and a roast dinner was waiting for me. Now, for a normal person that's a perfect Sunday evening. I really don't like roast dinner. I know, crazy. However, after a long day in London it was quite a nice thing to come home to.
So yesterday I jumped on a train after work to London to see some buddies. I love London, and it was nice to be back. An evening of mulled wine, nibbles and fireworks was ahead. The fireworks were pretty, but the music was lame. I wanted really cheesy songs, but alas no. Anyway, lots of oooooh and ahhhhh-ing later was had. Then ended up in the most packed pub. Everyone seemed jolly and merry. And we found a light up light saber, so you know, good things happen.

Lots of catching up with friends was had. Going to university was great because I have made life long friends, that I will always keep in contact with. When we are back together it seems like we have gone back in time, and everything is normal. There was one point in the evening I just thought to myself how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends in my life. And that's everyone, all of my friends. I have collected a lovely bunch of people all across the world.
Of course I woke up at 6ish this morning, and hoped people were awake. I then stay there for about a couple of hours waiting for people to wake up, and then realising people were awake, and had been awake for ages. Stupid body clock. We then went for brunch, because Claire is always at brunch. She always is. She lives the dream in London. Went to the coolest place, and very Instagram-worthy....and the other said that would be ok for me. I had pancakes with bacon. And tea. Tea in a glass. I liked that. Then we just wandered. Claire brought the lightest pair of running shoes, we had Starbucks red cups, saw Christmas decorations, we went in Paperchase, danced around in the street, and just talked. It was a good day.

then had the joy of hanging out with my super friend Tom too. He took me to this weird art exhibition. We still don't really understand it, but we liked it. It was super to see him. Lots of giant beardy faces...who wouldn't wanna see that?!
Anyway, back to work tomorrow. 9-5 shift. Wish me luck, I need it.


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Nicola, I love your London adventures.

When Mikey goes to study abroad there next year, I am coming to visit and we are hanging out. Obviously.