Friday, 17 January 2014

"I can't relate to 99% of humanity."

I have always wanted to watch Ghost World. I have the graphic novel, and love that, but never watched the movie. Jump forward a really really long time, to tonight in fact. Really can't sleep, so let's watch this movie.
I think it's an odd movie. I really enjoyed it. I just wanted Enid's wardrobe and green hair, oh and also her artistic style. However it made me feel sad. Sad for Enid, she never felt like she knew what she wanted to do. I feel like that sometimes, and it's really hard. The feel of the film made me relaxed. The perfect movie to watch when in that sleepy yet can't sleep mood.
The ending made me feel lots of things. However I have the strong urge to fill up sketchbooks with drawings and words, like I used to. I miss those days. When the smell of a new sketchbook was pure joy. Looking at those blank pages, anything could jump onto the page. Life could appear. The noise when you opened a worked in sketchbook, the crackle of the pages, paint and glue stuck together, pulling them apart, I miss that.


Lizzie said...

My friend Nicole gifted me the special edition of the novel. So good! Now your mention of the movie is making me want to see it.

Sorry you've been unable to sleep, though. I've had a similar problem.

Laura said...

I love this film and love the graphic novel even more!