Thursday, 16 January 2014

Let's go to the sea

Waking up today relaxed felt so good. Knowing I didn't have to go to work felt so wonderful. Yesterday was my grandad's 81st birthday. Went round for dinner with David, my parents, my sister Victoria and her boyfriend Dan. Nan had lots of yummy buffet food waiting. Too good. It was lovely to all be together.
So today I went to Ramsgate with David. The aim was to go comicbook shopping and wander around the cute thrift shops. Comicbook shopping was good. The Groovy Frog in Ramsgate is perfect, it even has a cafe inside it. And it's giant. So many gems were found in that store.
The weather was funny today, one minute it was sunny and then it was raining so hard. There was no point washing and straighting my hair this morning, the sea air does crazy things to it.
We had sushi then chips, went to the arcade, brought David a Spider-Man bin, took Polaroids, brought heart shaped chocolate coins that taste horrid, brought a cat plate, had Chinese for dinner, played around with a lightsaber, and just enjoyed my day off work. I love days like this.


Maggie Shirley said...


Sam Rauh said...

I am with Maggie.

You both seem so sweet & happy together! Ah, I love it!

Sam Rauh said...

Well. That comment is actually from Shelby. Whoops.