Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sunday, funday

So woke up on Sunday at the weekend, and it was raining. So much rain. Got ready, then me and Tom headed to the flower market. On the way we picked up breakfast and coffee. We found the coolest cash machine where you could set the language to Cockney. Needless to say we were laughing so much we couldn't even concentrate on getting money out.
We wandered around the flower market and the beautiful shops. Shops filled with prints, crockery, stationary, necklaces, art, cards and prints. 
We then went for tea in a little coffee shop. And then we waited for Kaylie and Ted. I was so excited to see Kaylie again, and meet Ted for the first time. We had a little trouble finding each other, but I ran out in the rain and found them. We then all chatted over tea and toast.
We went to Brick Lane, wandered the shops, markets, streets and had bagels. It was so lovely to see Kaylie again, and also very weird. Felt odd seeing her in London, not America. But it was great. She's super happy and cute like she always is. And Ted is the best. So jolly. I feel like Ted and Tom are gonna be super buddies. After saying goodbye to Kaylie and Ted, me and Tom went and brought more frozen yogurt from the shop near his house. Same lady from the day before, so that so funny. Then we just hung out in the afternoon, and then it was time to go home. I had a super weekend, and love being in London. It always feels like home. I really wish it was my home. Tom talked about how cool our flat would be if I moved to London, and that makes me want to move even more. Just need a job in London, and then it could happen.

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Natalie said...


I wanna hang out with you guys in your place of residence. The U.S.A is lame.


All of us.