Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Adventure calling my name

This weekend I went to London to stay with my friend Tom. An adventure filled weekend was planned. We went to Broadway market first thing. So many super treasures were to be found. Beautiful crafts and super looking food. We purchased the cutest meringues. Lemon for Tom and pistachio for me. The art all around London always makes me smile, and so did a tiled wall. It's so cute what a guy must have done to ask his girlfriend to marry him.
After the market we went for a wander and a spotted a strange looking shop from across the road.
We then went to see what The Last Tuesday Society was. In the window were tiny stuffed mice having dinner at a table. I pulled Tom into the shop. We were greeted by the strangest guy. Very friendly, told us it was free to roam around upstairs, but it was £2 to go downstairs. We looked around, and this shop was filled with taxidermy, bugs and butterflies in glass cases, and other strange items.
The guy then found a tiny stuffed kitten and decided to put in on Tom's shoulder. Then he started talking about downstairs again. I decided we should pay the money and go and check it out. Anyway, we get downstairs and I don't think I can ever fully explain what it was like. 2 rooms filled with jars, taxidermy, skeletons, sexual items, sexual photography all over the walls, curiosous items, animals sewn together, celebrity poo in jars...the list goes on. It started off really interesting and kinda fun in a weird way. And then it felt weird. I think we both freaked ourselves out because we were still talking about it till 3am. For a tiny moment it felt like he was gonna lock us down there. It was so much fun.
We also went to the V&A toy museum, and had lunch. Then we went to a moon art exhibition. It was in the OXO gallery. The building was so beautiful, old and creepy.
Afterwards it rained so hard. Crazy hard. We were trapped in a coffee shop, helping strangers find their way around London, so it wasn't all bad. I then dragged Tom around Forbidden Planet to pick up some comics. Then we were about to get the bus back to his flat when I saw Chipotle over the road. I then squealed outloud, because I had heard there was one in London! So we had to go in. It was the best. So good.
Then we just watched Wreck it Ralph and eat frozen yogurt. Such a super Saturday.


Maggie Shirley said...

That is the strangest thing. And yay Chipotle! I want to go to London and have adventures with you and Tom. I miss you!

Lizzie said...

All the colors!

Looks like a wonderful adventure. :)

Dillon said...

Looks like so much fun! I WANT TO ADVENTURE WITH YOU AND TOM

Avoiding custard creams. said...

I love London and the Forbidden Planet Megastore! I would happily live inside there forever! :D

Sally Lewis said...

Ohh this is such a lovely post! I may have to visit here just to see the tiled wall! Most romantic thing ever I think!

Sally Lewis said...
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