Monday, 17 March 2014

Seaside breeze

The weather is starting to get better now. Which is really good. I love winter and everything that comes with it, but the sun shining makes me so happy. Leaving the house in a hoodie rather than a giant coat, finding my sunglasses, walking along the sea front, all so perfect.
Finally saw Wes Anderson's new movie the other day. Oh my it was super. Ralph Fiennes was on top form. His character and the way he played him was brilliant. The style of the movie was Wes at his best. The colours, layout and music. So perfect.
So the weekend rolled around, and it was Saturday. I finished work and I jumped on a train to see David. We went for a walk to the sea. The sky was beautiful, and so quiet.
Went to Whitstable on Sunday. But first we went to a boot sale super early. I brought stamps and a book to cut up and use to make art. It was hard getting up early, but it made the day super long. It was a beautiful sunny day.
I had a lovely weekend, and it felt really long. But back to work now, and normal life. Can't wait till I get some more time off work, I really need it.


Lizzie said...

All these photos are gorgeous in hue. I can see similarities to the Wes Anderson-standard color palettes.

Anna Katherine said...

Love the way your photos all flow together so beautifully. And your days seem to be so interesting! It certainly seems like you're living life the right way!