Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My life recently in a list

Each day I wake up and go to work. I wish away the time at work, and then it's time to go home and then soon enough it's time to sleep. Recently I have thought that I wish away too much time. I need to take life slowly and enjoy each super moment and the not so super moments.

Lots has been happening recently;
-I have been doing a lot more art. That's mostly down to a super awesome guy who keeps pushing me to do what I love.
-Pokemon is now on netflix, so that's making my life.
-Myself and David rented DVDs from a really old fashioned video store. It was so creepy, the guy who worked there was creepy, it was great.
-I'm drinking more coffee now. Tea seems to be a distant memory. Not sure how I feel about this. But we shall see.
-A couple of weeks ago I visited the same art gallery 3 times in a week. And each time I looked at the same art, I felt something different. I'm glad my mind can think like that.
-Looking for Marvel Kinder Eggs became my life for a week.
-I finally put my Hogwarts Express Lego set together. It took a few hours. It's beautiful. Only took me a couple of years to get round to.
-One of my best friends had some bad news. She and her family are strong. I hate how I am in these circumstances. I'm trying to be better. All I can do is be there for her. She knows I love her.
-I have been craving adventure. I want a holiday so bad.
-I got paid yesterday and brought a bunch of cards, so far away friends can expect mail. I found some beautiful cards yesterday. I even brought a thank you card for myself because I loved the artwork.
-I have new pjs. They have pizza, hotdogs, fries, burgers, donuts and soda cups on.
-And a shoe shop opened up on my animal crossing game.
And that's what I have been up to recently.


Natalie said...

Yes! More Nicola art is always a lovely thing that needs to be in the world. I enjoy it very much. Also, geez, your desk. Is amazing.

Wait... you have been converted to coffee? GASP. What kind of a Brit are you?

Maybe one day I will eat a Kinder egg.


Bronte Waissen said...

I love how much stuff you have on your desk(:

lina said...

nicola, this reminds me of the kinds of posts you did when i first started reading your blog. i rather liked it : ) i don't know why exactly it reminded me of the past, but it did. i really love that you are doing more art. it really makes me happy. & i love the fact that i have one of your original pieces hanging on my wall. miss & love you.