Saturday, 22 March 2014

Strike a match

Recently I have said I am working a lot more on my art. When I met David for a spontaneous coffee date, we went for a wander around Canterbury. We found this beautiful exhibition by Andrew Malone. I have seen his work around Kent for sale, but it was really nice to finally see a mini show of his work, a collection together.
The main piece in his show was a giant frame filled with old matchboxes that had old pictures of birds coming out of them. Plus some were filled with shells and plants. Each one was carefully created and then mounted together in a beautiful fashion. I love collections. This collection was wonderful. I was truly inspired, and I wrote that in the comments book. Just made me want to create more, and I need that drive. The afternoon was perfect.


Lizzie said...

I enjoy the title of this post because it couldn't be more appropriate, I guess. In both senses of the phrase.

Always striving for the perfect afternoon. I think I had one today.

As much as I've sort of been all, "yeah! Edinburgh in the fall!" without much to back it up, unless I mess up my University application (unlikely) I will be there Sept-Dec -- and if you'd have me, I'd love to visit you in London! That would be the best.

Take care! All my love,

lina said...

this is so cool!! i love it! i have a small collection of matchbooks. this made me pretty happy. so neat to have stumbled upon it. things like that are the greatest. (thinking of that awesome shop in paris!)

Sarah said...

Hey lady, I really enjoy your Instagram posts (I'm @sarahwindy on there) and am so happy to have discovered your cute blog! I love the little stars on your banner. :)