Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Mini seaside getaway

So I packed my Kanken with my diary, Polaroid camera, clothes and other bits and pieces. Time for adventure. Myself and David hopped onto a train for a few days away by the seaside. We looked for different places to visit, but we settled on Folkestone because of all the local art.
was mostly excited about finding Tracey Emin's 'Baby Things' sculptures that are hidden around Folkestone. But more about this soon. We wandered into the town and started to browse the quirky shops.
We then found Googies Art Cafe. I was really excited to eat and drink in this cafe. We had coffee, which was absolutely delicious. We also had their chilli cheese fries, which if you are ever in the area, you must have.
Afterwards we went exploring the coast. We found a few pieces of work, and we stumbled across the Folkestone Mermaid by Cornelia Parker. Enjoying the nosies of the sea and seagulls, with the gorgeous warm sun was a perfect moment. I really liked this piece. The mermaid looking out to the sea, searching for something.
I am sitting in my beautiful hotelroom eating breakfast with a good cup of tea. Off out to explore our 3rd and final day. Looking back at our first day, it was wonderful. More to come soon!

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