Thursday, 29 January 2015

'Baby Things' -Tracey Emin

Folkestone is a really creative place. I couldn't wait to explore and find all the local art pieces. One artist I was mostly looking forward to seeing were Tracey Emin's 'Baby Things' sculptures. These pieces were hidden all around Folkestone, and you had to try and find them. Items of baby clothing and a toy were cast in bronze and they were painted to look real. These were then left on benches, left on railings, or left by roadsides to look like they had been lost.
The pieces of work are a directed at Folkestone’s high teenage pregnancy rate. Which reminds Emin of her home town.
(We couldn't get into the tiny park above. The piece is a tiny knitted bootie lying very close to the plant).
I really loved the chase. Trying to find each piece, searching high and low. Mostly because all the pieces were unknown. So you didn't know what you were looking for most of the time.
I'm thankful to say I managed to find all the pieces. It was a fun little art hunt. All the pieces really did feel like they had been left behind. Lost.


Sarah said...

I adore Emin but had never heard of these pieces! Love the idea and your photos, especially of the little sweater. Sweet but haunting.

beenotafraid said...

Looove this. These pieces are so cool! (And also vaguely creepy, in a good way). I also really love that you had to search to find them and didn't exactly know what you were looking for.

So interesting!