Sunday, 10 May 2015

Coffee for two?

I love coffee. I love dates. So of course I would be obsessed with coffee dates. I love going for coffee with my boyfriend David. I never used to be a coffee drinker, back in the day I didn't know how to make it. Plus it always seemed so confusing, too many different types?! Where do I start?! But I over came that a long time ago, and I am totally a coffee lover.
I love hunting down amazing places to go have a drink. Hidden in little streets, these independent places are hiding, waiting to be found. Anytime I discover a new place, I must go in and try. Can't wait to get all the iced coffee drinks! Mmmm!

1 comment:

Dillon said...

Woo coffee!!! Have you ever tried to brew your own iced coffee? It's quite an experience.