Sunday, 17 May 2015

May's Crafternoon

Last weekend I went to my gorgeous gal pal Charis' monthly Crafternoon. This was afternoon tea themed, which was just perfect. The table was decorated with cute teacups and little colourful teas to take home. Plus we had lots of teapots with different teas to try.
We had so many treats to eat! Fruit sticks, cupcakes, tarts and Charis' signature macrons. We had many different teas, and a little bit of fizzy bubbly. Which I enjoyed quite a lot! Oops! It made me giggle and laugh lots. And I'm very happy for the wonderful group of friends I have gained from attending these Crafternoons.
This time we made scented candles in jars, which was super fun. I'm looking forward to next months where we are just going to get together to drink tea and catch up.

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Lemon Freckles said...

I want to be able to come to your guys crafternoon!! So much cuteness it is unreal! xx