Monday, 4 May 2015

Little adventures with friends

The other day I went for a little adventure with my wonderful friends Charis and Olivia. We decided to go on a trip to Rochester. We jumped in Olivia's car and took a little drive. Lots of catching up and talking about life was done on the way there.
Once we arrived we wandered through the cobbled streets to cute shops. Purchasing lots of gorgeous little pieces. A shop called The Henderson's was open, which I was very happy about. The styling is perfect. So many wonderful vintage treasures with pom pom chains hanging around. I had a giant need to go home and make a pom pom garland!
Wonderful colours and lots of hidden gems. I found the most perfect clown tin that will look perfect on my shelf, so that had to come home with me.
Both Olivia and Charis wanted me to take them to the tearoom is visited last time I was there. So we popped in and had tea and coffee in the sunshine. Those teacups are my favourite, and would keep going back just to use them.
We visited other cute shop, sweet shops, and lots of charity shops! Many good bargains were found. We then went for lunch in the Deaf Cat. The iced tea and coffees there were just amazing, and I will be going back just for those! Plus crazy paintings on the walls is always a good thing.
We had a wonderful day, and ended up spending the rest of the after no with Charis' cute family. I love these kinda days. So relaxed and filled with joy.

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