Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sea air and colourful thoughts

All I seem to be doing is writing notes about new ideas and thoughts swimming around in my head, plus drinking lots of tea and coffee. And using my new Lion King mug, which I found in a charity shop. Mega win.
Also colourful trips to the sea always make me smile. Waking up early and grabbing my pens and notebooks, all walking down to the seafront is my perfect start to the day. Walking along with the bright blue skies and the forgives fresh sea air, seagulls squawking, with music playing in my ears.
Creative meetings with homemade carrot cake are always a good idea. Plus friends with beautiful homes makes me dream for my perfect little place. Plus cutie little frenchies running around the house making me laugh with their cute little crazy faces. I'm also dreaming of my own little pug, to take on trips and have snuggles with.
More and more recently I have been looking at colour. Noticing it more and more when I am out and about. I feel like my senses are always searching for bright fresh colours. I hope this will be reflecting in my work, but I'm happy if it's just showing in my life at the moment. Life is good, and happiness should be enjoyed.

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