Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Recent purchases

I am always drawn to pretty, cute, fun things, like my amazing Barry M mermaid nail varnish! I couldn't take it off! So gorgeous. My purchases are normally things I don't actually need, I just want. These are a few of my recent purchases.
I always nip in Wilkos for my stationary bits and pieces, and I was picking up glue and boring pens and I spotted these amazing animal paperclips. How cool are these?! I have seen the same style of these before but they were a lot more in price. These were only £1 a pack. There are 4 packs, and I will be going back for the Dog pack soon! Perfect for letters and keeping my work in order while  looking super cute.
I love Toys R Us. I haven't been to a store in the UK for ages. I went when I was in the US last year, and it was so fun. So myself and my best friend took a trip recently. I finally managed to find some of the Inside Out pops! So I have added Sadness and Disgust to my pop collection. These two ladies are just the sweetest.
I ended up in Tiger on Sunday, and of course I always end up with a bag full of goodies. Currently at the moment there is a gorgeous pastel themed going on. I brought a couple of pieces. A perfect tiny plate, which will be used for treats and a wonderful drinking glass. Oh plus I picked up some gold paper straws. I'm looking forward to using them for my upcoming birthday.  
So many treasures! Plus my giant haul from Primark at the weekend. Forever spending money in that store. I'm always looking forward to visiting my favourite shops again!

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