Thursday, 28 April 2016

Artist Series: Flossy Watts

The next designer I am going to be blogging about is the amazing Flossy Watts. So Flossy Watts is a creative hub based in Kent. They create beautiful handmade jewellery which is completely different to anything I have seen before. Jane is the driving force behind it. Jane is probably one of the nicest and loveliest people I have ever met. She is so positive and creative. When I talk to her I always feel so inspired. I have recently got to know her better through the Made in Ashford shop where her work is for sale.
Jane creates her jewellery using lots of different types of material, and that's what I love about her work. I love that she works with wood, metals, paint, resin, and silicon. Because she works with lots of different materials she has a large line of work, which are all special in their own way. My favourite pieces are her wooden squares, which have silver designs on them. They are the perfect statement piece for anyone.
The last piece of her work I am swooning over is a gorgeous necklace which is made out of driftwood. I love the bright yellow and the textures of this wonderful piece.
You can find out more about Jane and the amazing jewellery she creates over on her website She is also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
*Made in Ashford shop photos taken by me.
*Product photography taken from Flossy Watts etsy shop, where you can purchase these items.

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