Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Kent Bloggers Day: Park Mall Ashford

On Friday I was invited to Ashford's Bloggers Day in Park Mall. I am very proud to be part of an amazing group of shops and talents makers in Park Mall. I met my wonderful fellow blogger pal, Charis of Floralfrosting for coffee. We talked about life, had a couple of laughs, took some photos, and enjoyed our coffees.
Then it was time to go pick up our goody bags! Happy & Glorious was the base for the Bloggers Day. We walked in and Kate greeted us with smiles. It's always smells amazing in Happy & Glorious. The shop sells products that are made in the UK, to support British manufacturing, and the designers.
I am a sucker for cards, and a collector of course! I fell in love with the cards on Friday. Pretty shiny foil cards are always a good idea. After purchasing a few bits and pieces, we picked up our goody bags with lots of wonderful gifts. Most of the goodies were from Made in Ashford and my dear colleagues.
We popped into the store, and it was looking as beautiful as ever. Plus the store was very busy! Lots of people enjoying the amazing pieces that we all make. These are a few snaps of the store, Aye Aye, Juju Art, and Lucy Alice Designs' work.
I also admire the wonderful window displays in Emporia. The new amazing cloud one really made me smile, after all I am a fan of clouds.
Their store is always full of bright fabrics, perfect for any project. You can pick up lots of materials, I love all the Star Wars fabric they have. In general the store is always bright and inspiring.
I am very proud of Ashford and the shops that are popping up! Life is good, and more and more people are being creative and opening up stores. I feel so lucky to be a part of a wonderful moment and community in Ashford. Here's to more great places and new people making this little twin greater.

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