Thursday, 12 June 2008 dance

ah last night was so much fun. we made over £200 on the little bar at the degree show closing night! which is good news for our degree fund! the party was at stealth afterwards, and there was 5 live bands, and 5 djs. they had booked the place out, just for the party. the music was so fun, the smiths, and other re-mixes...lots to dance too!!

ah its packing time!! trying to think of what i should take with me back home. books, clothes, dvds, arty stuff...sometimes i really hate packing!! while i am packing tho, i am listening and watching Flight of the Conchords. i am singing away..its one of my favourite tv shows at the moment. They are formerly known as New Zealand’s fourth-most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo. Flight of the Conchords follows the meta-trials and tribulations of the guys as they try to survive New York City. It is the kinda show that makes you laugh out loud everytime you watch it! Brilliant, worth a watch if you have not already seen it! Plus i kinda have a crush on Bret McKenzieis.

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LML said...

oh my gosh! the cupcakes below are too cute! love the detail in them :D yumm