Sunday, 15 June 2008

finds of the day

Had a really nice fathers day...although my dad's present (doctor who graphic novels) did not come in time. the lady in the comic shop said that they had not come in dad did not mind. We went to Maidstone and had a look around some of the shops. Then later my nan and grandad came round for a bit which was nice.

Afterwards i started looking in my room, as i had just got back i seemed to find lots of odd things. These are my finds of the day....a really cool hair band with a plastic ram/sheep on
a woody sheriff badge..which went straight on my cardigan
a piece of art my friend gave me last yeara jumper off my EDD the duck doll...hmm not sure where EDD is..
a board piece from a really old Disney Board game my Nan gave me when i was small
the marshmallow man figure from Ghostbusters

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