Thursday, 5 June 2008


ah...i got kinda bored while making pizza for dinner with friends..and ended up using the pizza board and making a few little houses. random i know...
woops, kinda did not get round to getting on here. however I have finished Heroes..i ended up giving in and watching it on the internet! oh how amazing, it ended so well, and i now have different ideas what is going to happen in the next volume...."Villians"...or "Billians" as Hiro would say. I love the new heroes..I am just wondering if they will add any more new people in.
I am looking forward to going to the LondonFilm and ComicCon. There is going to be a Heroes talk. And Sendhil Ramamurthy aka Mohinder and David Anders aka Adam are going to it!! I can't wait!! I also hope that there will be more Heroes added very soon!
Oh my goodness how hot does Zachary Quinto Look here!!! love his glasses.

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