Thursday, 19 June 2008

...going on a, summer dum de de de dee dee

ah it come round to that time pack!! that's all i seem to being doing at the being stuck in my room!!

i am looking forward to going away, and i am hoping it will be as good as last year. i had so much fun with my family. I am going to Spain with family and i am hoping to win another t-shirt like last year...but i don't think i will. You win prizes in different games you can take part in, within the hotel. Packing is so stressful...should i take this, should i take that..half of it will not use or wear!! one thing i will be taking is a new necklace i brought, i love the beads.
i went into town very quickly today just to pick up the last bits i needed for holiday when i found these sweets my sister and i used to have. i got some for use to have on the plane.
i will try to update while i am away, if not speak to you in a couple of weeks!


hayleeey said...

Oooh Fritt! Tic tacs too. Orange tic tacs = Bleeker. Yes that has nothing to do with the post.

Well do have fun in Spain (of course you will) and post soon!!!!

Sam said...

ahh, i love tic tacs!
that necklace is lovely!!

LML said...

hope u have a fabulous trip and take lots of pics :)