Saturday, 6 December 2008

the lack of a post

at the moment i am finding blogging very hard..its not that i don't want to blog..i just don't think i have anything interesting to say. apart from trying to do my uni work, all i am doing is waiting to go home for christmas. aaah its so annoying, i just wanna go home now...but i can't. :( sorry about the boring photos...aaaah apart from wishing it was time to go home to family and friends, and Christmas things, but other than that all i am doing is watching how i met your mother. i am so in love with this show, as i have said before. i just cannot stop watching it. at the moment i am on series 4...and loving every minute of it. i think all the characters are simply wonderful. I was tagged by the wonderful and beautiful rosie posie rosie her blog is simply beautiful! and thank you very much!! For this tag I must list 6 things that make me happy, and then 6 wonderful bloggers!!!
1. Being an art student/artist. i love it so much, i can just be myself, and express myself through my artwork.
2. Going to the cinema on my own. i thought it was a really weird thing to do, but i enjoy it.
3. Laughing.
4. the shins...they are simply wonderful. they take me to a magical place.
5. taking photos, capturing moments in time.
6. Notes, letters and messages from my friends.
i need to tag six wonderful blogs, and they are;
one of my good blogger friends- Art Music Fashion and Random-ness
the amazing, and wonderful- Looking through mauve-colored glasses
the beautiful- the encyclolydia
and the fab- the pink panda
hope everyone is having lots of fun, and thank you for taking the time to read my blog, it means the world to me. if you ever have any requests for me, i would be happy to hear them. :) as it would give me something to post about :)


jane said...

it's completely ok to not blog too often,if you don't know what to blog about :)
I can't think of any requests,only that I would love to see your uni art work,I'm going to be an art student next year too(hopefully) ;)
and thanks for tagging me, there can't be too many happy things to list!

Hila said...

I think your blog is great :)
And I love that show!

Liliai Anoel said...

I love your blog :)

Rosie Posie said...

im sorry you feel your having a bit of a blogger block... i still absolutely love your posts though, you sweetie!! And these pictures arent boring at all, i thik theyre wondrful!! I love the lights in your room, and that one post it on the wall is so cute!!

thank you for your sweet, kind words about me, and the lovely comment you left me, it made me grin very wide!!!!

Your answers to the tag are wonderful... being an art student is just wonderful isnt it?? i absolutely adore it!!

i too am waiting to go home to family, but not long now, the day after tomorrow!! how exciting :) hope that you get to go home soon too!!

i agree with jane, above. my only request would be to see some of the artwork you have been doing :) im sure its wonderful!!

take care, hope you have a magcal day!!

LookingGlassGirl said...

Aaah, the shins. I have an autograph from them that my sister queued up to get for me. They spelt my name wrong, but I still love them. Keep at your blogging, it
is such a delight.

Victoria-Olivia said...

When you get to go back home family time will be amazing. and your pictures are never boring, always enchanting, warm and cosy.

beverley said...

awww! I understand what it's like to wish to be at home. But sometimes, you need a good stay somewhere different.

I hope you have an awesome holiday!

Rosie Posie said...

I have left you a gift on my blog :) hope you like it!!


Betsey said...

i love every single thing on your list. except being an art student...becuase im not. but im sure i would love it if i was at all artistically inclined!

your blog is lovely and it never ceases to make me smile!

Anna Karenina said...

I love your blog, so I wanted to give you an award! Check out :)