Thursday, 4 December 2008

mint sweets

hello all!! i am sorry for the lack of posting!! i have felt i have not had anything to talk about!! however, we have made our cute little flat a little more festive! we have decorated our little Christmas tree with lights, balls and lots of other bits and pieces.
my lovely friend The tea drinking english rose made me these wonderful peppermint creams, they are very cute and yummy too!! :)
heroes was more fun this week, as seth green made another appearence in the show!! also Breckin Meyer was his buddy in the show. and i loved all the comicbook geekness! as thats what goes on outside the show, i love it!
movies i wanna see in the new year include yes man! with Jim carrey, my friend loves the books by Danny Wallace so much! i have not read them, but i will try to over the Christmas holidays. other movies include; nick and norah infinate playlist!! i cannot wait!! eek kat and michael!! also role models and sex drive; which Seth green is in!! lots of funny movies to see!!!


jane said...

hehe i love seth green in rat race and austin powers.
aghh I want to put up the christmas tree but at the moment there is no space in our house!

beverley said...

:) yaaay you're back! I've missed you, haha!

Anonymous said...

I know it's kind of weird, and you weren't even gone for very long, but I missed your posts! I'm glad you're back. :P

muchlove said...

oh I'm really looking forward to Yes Man too! I haven't read the book (couldn't find it here!), but I have read another one of Danny Wallace's book which was brilliant.

Rosie Posie said...

goodness, those peppermint creams look delicious!! I love them but havent had any in so long. Yummmm yummm....

Your posts always make me smile, they are so sweet!!

I have tagged you, also. Hope you enjoy doing it!!

take care!!

Lydia said...

Mmm those peppermint creams make me want to dress up like a pastel winter princess haha.
<3 (Encyclo)lydia

Sarah Von said...

Those peppermint creams look delicious! Perfect for winter nibbling, I suspect.

rather-robyn said...

blimey o reilly just look at those peppermint creams! sorry about the ridiculous lateness of this but I totally agree with your blogging thing in the post above this, it's so hard at the moment! cheers, its my favourite fact to bring out to strangers and new people! also love the christmassy photos below

Lauren said...

cera cera cera. I LOVE HIM. haha.

x x x

*Alice Twinkle* said...

i want some mint sweets! how you make them?

Anonymous said...