Saturday, 20 December 2008

fun and laughs

aaaah!! sorry about the lack of posting!! what a long time its been. i have had some fun recently! we had a Christmas fair in uni and a few of us from my course set up a stall. i made some jewellery, some odd bits and pieces. a little like what i have made before, with the rich tea biscuit! lots of fun! i sold a few pieces, so that was great!! :) then i had to rush back from the fair and help cook Christmas dinner. Christmas dinner was had at uni, in my cute little flat with my wonderful roommates. and fun we had indeed. lots of yummy hot food. crackers. friends. fun. presents. all so much fun!
i was blown away by the random-ness of all my presents from my friends. they were all so special to me. here are a few of them...oh a quick fact, i got 3 owl presents...hehe.i am now home!! a long long long drive home. i am so happy to be home. eeeeek also, i went to see twilight!!! i was so happy to finally be able to go and see it! first day it came out! i loved it, i thought it was simply wonderful, it made me smile so much. and i am looking forward to seeing it again tomorrow night with other friends!!! yay. my geekness caught up with me when i walked past a phone box with a poster on it! eek! i hate my hair..a bit windswept.
ah such a long wait, and Tom Chambers & Camilla Dallerup win strictly come dancing!! yay yay yay!! i did feel bad that they went through and Lisa and Brendan got knocked out, but their show dance was the best one out of all Lisa's and Rachel's, so i believe they were right to win! their show dance was amazing, and that is what won the whole show i believe! oh and i have got a ticket to see the strictly come dancing tour! yay!
hope everone is well! and hopefully speak to you all soon! :)


Anonymous said...

wow. sounds like you've been busssyyy. but aren't we all around this time? haha...glad to see you enjoyed twilight. i wanted to see it, but never got around to. i guess i'll catch it on DVD.

erin meagan said...

those owls are so cute!

Anonymous said...

The owls are so cute! I wonder how easy it would be take the twilight poster home...

the tea drinking english rose said...

ohhh... beautiful.
thank you for breakfast and twilight fun and christmas song dances.
those gifts are spectacular. i cannot wait to see what else you get for christmas time.
have lots of fun watching twilight again.

READY, SET, GO! said...

I went to see Twilight the day it came out, too. So unlucky how we English get later times than America! But it was certainly worth the wait :) :) I love the photo of you with the poster!!

Your gifts are so adorable, especially the owl ones! xx

Victoria-Olivia said...

Party rings are the best, and I love the allsorts necklace!
you've been having lots of fun, i must see twilight as soon as i get paid.

Belle said...

Cute presents! I have tagged you, hope you don't mind, its pretty sweet.
have a lovely Christmas xx

hayleeey said...

-I looooove the jewellery you make! Covered in glue or something if i remember an old post correctly? (if im thinking right..)
-Oh im also jealous of your cute Owls! I still need to find a chain for this owl necklace pendant i got for my bday!
I got a black DS, what colour is yours? My friends dont have DS's so i have no-one to 'chat' with hahaah.
Im good tbank you! And you?

One last thing, it randomly found this from the RPattz imdb board lol, but its sooo good! - - there is so much more and can get dirty at times but its brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Awww, you look cute!
And happy!

Twilight was the best, wasn't it?

I kind of want to go see it again now! :D

LookingGlassGirl said...

Oooh, Twilight. I really want to see it. Your jewellery looks delightful.

yiqin; said...

The first picture's so adorable!!! Merry xmas eve! :)

Jane said...

those necklaces are so clever
and owls are just great x