Friday, 29 May 2009

mr sun and mr blue sky

today went for a lovey trip with my even more lovely pals to the park. the sun was out and it was so hot. it was beautiful. the sky was so blue. a fun time full of laughs and wonderful friends. on the way home we walked through town, and the sun was still beautiful. town always looks amazing in the sun. once we got back to our flat, i cracked open a box of these cute little chocolate biscuits. they have the coolest pictures on. i will have to start packing up my uni room very soon. it gonna be very sad. my family are coming up next weekend for my private view/show, so i need to pack quite a lot for mum and dad to take home. i only have a few weeks until i leave...its going to be weird...mega weird.


•¦Amy¦• said...

ooh pretty tree pictures :D

lina said...

i love how you are posting about everyday now! :D

i know what you mean about moving back home. i just moved back home from the town my university is in a week ago, but since i've been gone on trips it hasn't really set in yet. it's strange.