Thursday, 7 May 2009

not long now..

hey everyone, just a quick update. i have so much work to be getting on with at the moment, i have just over 2 weeks until all my final work is due blogging doesn't seem to be something i will be able to do at the moment. however as soon as i have given it all in, i will be on here everyday!! just a few photos of me trying to get on with my work, and my messy desk in the studios!! hope you are all well, and things are wonderful! :)


GracieFrances; said...

wow, thats a lot of stuff. eeh.

erin meagan said...

that is a huge mess! but it looks so fun at the same time!

yiqin; said...


hayleeey said...

I cant wait to see your final work all finished!!!! *Nerdy thumbs up for the scrabble pieces!*

lina said...

this is really cool! good luck with the end of school! i know what you mean about blogging right now..eek! hope you will post more of your finished projects:]

Rosie Posie said...

oh my goodness, your work looks so wonderful!!!

thank you for your comment from ages and ages ago, you are not bothering me at all so do not apologise, i think its rather lovely :)
i am sorry for the ever so late reply, the past few weeks have been exhibitions and finishing the yaer at uni and moving out of my flat, madness!!
but now i have time to answer you question :)

i am rubbish at tlking about my own work, but basically childhood and family are my main inspirations, i think. all of my work seems to come back to childhood and memories and family members and loved ones. i make characters out of absolutely anything i can find, and they usually represent a family member or someting that has happened to me, or a certain time. i think really my work is about preserving my meories, so i dont forget them- a different kind of photography i suppose :)

my latest pieces were my toothfairy piece, which was about a memory of writing to the toothfairy and wanting to catch her, so i made her out of wire and suspended her in a jar, and then i made 3 other jars based on fairy tales that i loved as a child, and made tiny story books to go with them. the objects are usually things i find around my home, as that seems to make the pieces work better, because its all about my home really.

on my post before my last one i put pictures on of these jar people if you want to look, i dont think i explained them very well really :s

im getting embarrassed just typing about my work to you, lol, sorry if ive gone on a lot!!
id love to know what your pieces are about too, it looks like our work could be a little similar :)

hope work isnt too mad for you!!

Sophia said...

wow! you'd better post TONS of pictures of your finished project!!

i will just send you another letter, cause i still have your last one (i keep all of them!)

this time, though, i'm sending it UPS or Fed-Ex. screw the US postal service.

lina said...

here is a hug for you!! relax, everything will be fine:]

lina said...

when everything is over with, i tag you! you'll like this one:D

Sophia said...

woahhh that looks CRAZY!
i SO look forward to you posting the end results of everything you're up to :)

the tea drinking english rose said...

i am very much so looking forward to the final degree show next week miss cabinet of wonder.

i have awarded you the lemonade stall award that sits waiting for you in my side bar. i thought you might appreciate the american-ness of it all and the cuteness.

Bdicte said...

Woah, cool figures.