Saturday, 30 May 2009

summer dreaming in the sun

hello all!! just a quick note, if you have time you should check out; its the official website for my fine art degree show! have a look at other wonderful artists on my course, and check me out! just look for nicola! :)
the sky was ever so blue today. it was so hot as well. i went to the park again with friends. after the sun we decided to have a roof top bar-b-q again. the weather was really warm and the sky was even more blue, with not a cloud to be seen.
while on the roof, i found a cute bird shell.
i am currently still dreaming about new ray-ban glasses..which i want and need so badly!! however i need to get a job, and save money..but i WILL get them...and i have also been dreaming about Robert...ray-ban photo from google, Robert pattinson photo from here:


Anonymous said...

Did you see where I added you on Facebook??

lina said...

aahhh yes robert. heart is all fluttery:]
& i love those raybans!!! love them love them!

Kayleigh. said...

That a very very handsome man! who is he??

Jane said...

oh yes those glasses! i might need glasses soon and if i do i will try to get them in a similar style mhm

and I looked at your work on that website, I love it so much :)

hayleeey said...

On the HTB thing, i think there MAY be tickets for a HTB showing at the Clapham Picture House still left :) unlesss you've booked a ticket/s? I have mine! pre-booked, i cant waittttt! I love the poster with him with his head in the fridge!

Adi said...

Hello, This is my first time visiting here. Your blog is a nice,I thought I would leave my first comment. :)

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