Thursday, 2 July 2009

mr magic bean

so as i take apart my room, piece by piece, i had to take this photo. i feel it sums me up at the moment..i feel quite lost, and its not good. i will need to re-patch things to move on. nothing on the job front at the moment, but i am still looking. its crazy trying to fit all my junk into my room, although i have sorted alot of it out, so it can head off to ebay now.
i am finding time to write back to friends, and make little pieces of art. now that i have started making artist trading cards, i found these little tags, and decided to make pieces of art on them, just for fun. if these are a good idea, i may make more, but i am not sure at the moment. they have an owner anyway. :)
the sun is making me smile at the moment. its coming out. i am watching tennis. enjoying my mum's few days off work. and playing around with old water pistols. hehe.i found a little plant kit i got from Sherwood forest in first year, and i decided now was the time to grow it. the bean has my name on, i think its rather cute. i hope it grows well!!Mr labbit is getting bored at the moment, and i feel he needs more adventures!


Sophia said...

i looove the tags!! seriously. love them. my favorite art is the unconventional stuff, and the artists i like best use the mundane things in life (like tags) as their canvases.

that was relatively fast, too, for being international mail!

lina said...

oohhhh cute tags!!
& the bean has your name on it??! so cool. haha.
i'm sorry about how you are feeling at the moment:/ i had a mild case of it, so i can barely imagine what you mean.

LookingGlassGirl said...

Hey, that's a good idea. I like them a lot. Enjoy your time off now, I'm sure you've deserved it. Finishing uni and graduating comes so fast, doesn't it?

•¦Amy¦• said...

oh those tags are wonderful!

haha seeing the hole in your wall reminds me of the rather large crack in mine (though i've covered it with and equally large poster).

enjoy your weekend!

lina said...

i gave you an award!

Jane said...

those are very nice tags :)
i hope your plant will grow too, i planted poppy seeds a month ago and they're not growing :(

Anonymous said...

those tags are *so* pretty

notmassproduced said...

great tag art. good luck with the job hunting and make the most of life b4 u join the rat race!