Tuesday, 7 July 2009

this is love

money money..i need money. ah still no job, but i am trying not to think about that at the moment! the weather did get better...and it was lovely and sunny, which made me smile so much........but then it got dark and grey..and it started to rain. so that made me stay inside. i did sort a little bit more of my room out..and also put up my twilight calender..which made me smile a little, while i heard the rain crash against the window. i did however start getting pens and stuff out, and started drawing....but by the end of it my head was super empty and ready for bed! :)


Kinsey said...

I need money too...heading off to college too soon with barely any funds..hahah

clouds are beautiful in the photo!
I new you would like the star trek post...I'm just too obsessed! I think its Zachary Quinto as spock, but then again I think Leonard as the original Spock was a cutie as well. I cant wait until the next season of Heroes to come on!

: )

•¦Amy¦• said...

I love all those tags <3

Ack. I also need a job of some sort. It seems nothing is free these days lol. I need to save for dance, and college, and living. blech. I wish it was porrible to just live y'know?

notmassproduced said...

great tags. what type of work u looking for?

Anonymous said...

cool pictures! and i love those tags :)

beverley said...

I wish I was super cool and artsy like that!

Anonymous said...

cute blog post! i especially like the doodle at the end of the post...it reminds me of notebookdoodles.
how often have we all felt that way, though?

Anonymous said...

i know me too definatley and it's always funny when your inside when it's raining and you watch people getting wet or when their umbrellas turn inside out lol :L

Vik said...

Love these photos! I have a job but cld still do with more money! considering opening a shop from my blog selling my old clothes..you sell your photos!
Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
Much love from Ireland x

Lenaa said...

Looks really awesome!! Wowie!
I like the tags! And the way the "my head is emty"-pic is been taken!


Glueandglitter said...

Hi there, thanks for the kind comment about my new "living room necklace". I originally made it for myself, thinking that noone else would want one but i've had some fabulous comments and I can custom make one for you. They would be about £16 just give me a message if you'd like one.



Wonderlander said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment! I've linked to your blog xx

Anouk said...

Thank yooou <3

Anonymous said...

Great photographs, like the composition notebook! And the music on your blog is so good.

Hayley said...

i can relate with the job thing. its stressing me out! and today has been the third day since the end of school that hasn't rained! i'm so sick of the yucky weather hah.

loveisnoise said...

thankyou so much for your lovely comment, i know writing is wonderful!

your blog is lovely too, i love your twilight calendar or whatever it is hahah! :)


Sophia said...

i seriously loveeee those tags you make :] it makes me want to make some myself.

and i need money too :( too bad summer's half over! do you have another year of college left? (or more?)