Wednesday, 13 January 2010

play me a song to set me free

any ideas of any music i must listen to??---i am in need of some new music. i have just discovered the fruit bats, i like them alot. i need music. if you have any suggestions, send them my way!today started out like any other day, up at 5.45, get ready for work, get picked up, get to work, start work, be at work, do work, take lunch break, eat brown seed roll filled with cheese, drink orange tango, go back to work, finish work, meet parents, go food shopping, buy a dvd, buy a book, buy some flowers, visit nan and gdad, give nan flowers, laugh at gdad's old jumper, leave nan and gdad's house, send texts, get home, tidy room, read magazine, change into pj's, watch telly, read book, chat to my sister for 5mins, take photos...and then think.


Allison said...


....or Owl City!

JordanWilliams said...

I agree Owl City is a good one

-Jordan Williams

live2laugh said...

Coldplay but I feel like people always have their songs already.

"What If" by Safety Suit

▲my• said...

Phoenix, Beirut, Andrew Bird, Camera Obscura, and Dead Man's Bones... to name a few :)

shelbyisms. said...

Phoenix is great!
The Fruit Bats might be even better. I used to sit on the swing and sing When You Love Somebody for ever and ever and everrrr.

Nice photos.

Ada Croft said...

I like:

Hey, Soul Sister by Train

Cute bag in the pictures(:


erin meagan said...

fruit bats? i'll most likely like anything you like :)
i'd say slow club, but i already know that you are a fan.

Kait said...

I felt like I was walking alongside you through your day on this post : D

Joshua Radin
Steel Train
An Horse

^All excellent tunes : )

I know what you mean about wanting to have a hard copy of a cd. It makes me feel more secure than just having a digital one. Plus I love cd booklets (if they are well designed.)

Alot of my girlfriends don't get boy humor. Part of my brain is a 13 year old boy I swear.

Jane said...

umm Broken Social Scene