Monday, 11 January 2010

be the first time

sometimes, i question myself far too much. i know this will sound rather odd, but i have always wished i had grown up in America. i always seem to get obsessed with things from America...i know that's a bit odd. but things like 'hello my name is stickers', milk in cartons, and something that i love so much is the labels on American cd's!--i think they are bloody fab, and such a good idea! (American readers will probably think i am very odd, as this is probably normal for them). oreos are another love for me. somethings at the moment are making me sad, my favourite band in the whole planet is the shins, and i hope that one day i will be able to see them live..things like that makes living in the UK annoying!----plus!----my godparents when you Boston for new year, and asked my parents if i wanted anything from the, music, and my parents forgot to tell me!---aaah i really need coconut records' 2nd album!! they got me the first one, as they are not on sale in the that has made me sad. hehe.HOWEVER, i did get a wonderful card in the post today. after a long morning of work, to be greeted by a letter is one of the best things in the world. it was from the beauiful amy from thank you ever so much amy! it was a lovely suprise!--ooh and thank you for the tea! yum! this is why i love having a blog, you get to meet such amazing people.


Wonderlander said...

Aah oreos and the Shins! Peeerrrrfect! And thats so adorable getting a letter! Snail mail is the bestest :D


Mandy said...

Snap i got that sound track i love it. glad you like background found it today and i did it myself lol. xxx

lina said...

aw nicolaaa! you are not odd at all! (unless you like the idea of it : )) i probably think the same way with the uk! if you ever want me to buy something here for you let me know! (of course i might end up being hard & $ to ship...) but still! that's what blogger friends around the world are for : )

hayleeey said...

If you ever need to take a short trip to NY and dont have anyone to go with, i'll happily go with you! I would LOVE to have Godparents who lived in the US because that would give me a good reason to travel there!

And you're not weird at all :)

Kait said...

I have an odd obsession with Canada so I understand. You have someone to room with if you ever find your way to the states : )

I went to Europe a year ago and I remember wishing I could get so many of those products back in America. Why can't everything just be sold in every country and released at the same time? Grrr!

I love oreos and peanut butter. Try it!

Can you order that cd anywhere online?

▲my• said...

that is not at all odd :)
i currently would love to have grown up in the french countryside. i invision myself in a small town like in "chocolat" and i just float into a dream world.

i'm glad you like the letter! and the tea :)

Allison said...

I have the same shirt you're wearing in the first picture!