Tuesday, 13 July 2010

magic in the air

i had the most, random and coolest weekend. my mum was reading the local paper the other day, and she read at Matthew Lewis, aka Neville Longbottom from Harry Potter was opening a local school fete. i jumped up and down and said that we had to go. so on Saturday we nipped down, and when we got there, there was a raffle---in which you could win lots of harry potter wonderful-ness, like a book signed by lots of the cast, a wand and other fab stuff donated by Warner Brothers and Matthew. i got four tickets. and then went for a wander. i then saw Matthew, who at the time was judging the fancy dress costume competition...there were so many tiny little harry potters, and some really scary dementors...eek. after the competition we had a walk round the stalls, and then decided to go. i saw that a few people were getting his autograph, and i wished that i had brought something to get signed, like a book..(like all the really clever people). i then remember that i had my journal on me, so went over and had a little chat with him, he was so nice, he signed my journal, and i had a quick photo with him. afterwards i was so happy, it had really made my day. the rest of the day was spent at my nan and gdad's and food shopping. when we got in, the phone rang, and it was a lady from the fete saying that i had won a prize in the raffle!!! i had won a copy of the Marauder's map which Matthew had signed for me! i couldn't believe it!!! its beautiful, and when you open it, it goes on forever!! it was truly and awesome day. the rest of the evening was spent in a pub garden going on and on and on to my friends about how amazing my day had been.
other than that fun filled day, my adventures have included bbq's, going out with friends on random nights out, buying lots of letter writing bits and pieces, congratulating my dear friends Rachel and Aaron on the news that they are expecting a baby, dancing around in the garden, looking forward to my geeky sci-fi convention with my equally geek pal Sarah, buying half price jewellery, and watching awesome films with my dad.


Kayleigh. said...

Nicola that is the best prize ever!!!!!!!

you lucky LUCKY swine!xxxx

yellowblue said...

sounds like an awesome day! the map looks really cool.

Gabbi said...

It does sound like a fantastic day and I love your map...!

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh my gooooodness wow!!!
nicola that is awesome! i am coming around when i get back from greece and i am reading that map!!!!! i will find those invisible footsteps and follow them to hogsmead!!!!!

you lucky thing.
lots of love

▲my• said...

How fantastic! What an amazing day!
I'm quite jealous at the moment really. Haha. How fun!

ps. it always makes me smile when "exterminate regenerate" plays on your blog while i'm visiting. :)

Jane said...

that's a cool prize haha

Mandy said...

here an award lovly