Wednesday, 21 July 2010


(a scott pilgrim cut-out that was standing around at the convention...i really wanted to steal it.)
i have had a few wonderful adventures over the past few days. went to London on Sunday for London film and comic convention, and it was awesome! i met a guy dressed up as the doctor, stole a stormtroopers gun, walked past many hot nerdy guys, looked at stalls filled with comic books, toys, posters and other amazing stuff, brought American candy, FINALLY got my hands on a Scott Pilgrim poster, looked at old comic books, saw a few famous people from a far. on Monday i went to London again with Mandy for an arty trip...which i was very much in need for. i really miss looking at art, and going to galleries, i really need to get back in the mind frame. anyway, went to the surreal house, ra summer exhibition and we also went for a look at the work currently in the saatchi gallery...we also had enough time to walk past noel clark on the street..i wanted to go up and say hi, but he was on the phone, it was still pretty amazing though! the art at the saatchi i did quite like, because for some strange reason i really loved all these quirky little characters i seemed to spot, they started to make me laugh.
i think i feel a little more creative now..which makes me feel alot better. i had a fun day. :)


Jane said...

those adventures sound like a lot of fun :) I like those faces too hehe

The Curious Cat said...

always good to get out and about and get inspired! Hurrah for you! Thanks 4 sharing too! xxx

Allison said...

Ahhh, I love twizzlers. :D

prettyneons said...

the second pic down is v cool indeed.
prettyneons x

lina said...

ok so i really want to go to a comic convention. comic con international is happening right now in san diego california. eight hours away from me. but sold out tickets. aahhhh! i really want to be there now.
sorry for my comic con

Liliai said...

the 3rd pic of the gender sign was awesome :) really funny