Sunday, 4 July 2010

do you get me?

oh dear. i seem to have a cold...a cold in summer!!! how stupid do i feel?? i felt really silly yesterday at work, trying to speak to customers and not even being able to speak! everyone at work was making jokes, in the end it was rather funny, but by the end of the day i really could not speak a word.
i have had such wonderful gifts in the post---and only just getting round to posting about them. i got such wonderful packages from Lina, Jane and Amy. you are such awesome friends! love you lots.currently:---i am getting super excited about Scott pilgrim vs the world coming out at the cinema i have been re-reading my books over and over, like alot! i pre-ordered the final book the other day, and i am counting down the days until i can read it. i heart Scott pilgrim!i am now off to drink lots of water, eat some super cold ice cream, and watch Shaun of the dead---as one of my friends yelled at me the other day as i have not seen the whole movie...i think it was due to the fact its his favourite movie, and he gets super geeky about how much he loves it, and that he knows all the words to the film, so completely obsessed. hopefully i will enjoy it. zombies and ice cream, what could be better?


Jane said...

haha <3
oh yes, zombie movies are great :O have you seen zombieland? I just watched it today and I think it's your kind of movie

minna ♥ said...

oh you poor pumpkin :( having a cold in summer is the worst. But you are ever so lucky to get such gorgeous mail! Zombies & ice cream are indeed rather a fabulous combination :)
ps. thank you so very very much for your comment. It means the world, really.

AlwaysAlice said...

LOVE your blog! i hope you feel better! colds in summer are no fun at all; a nice cup of tea and a favorite dvd are always helpful in getting rid of the sniffles. you'll be out and about in the sunshine in no time!!

all the best!