Friday, 16 July 2010

...umm, hello?

(playing with doctor who toys is always fun)
today was a normal day up, went to work, then came home. but i did have a really nice chilled out evening with my parents. we ended up watching harry potter (the 5th movie). i really do like that always makes me laugh, and makes me sad. harry potter movies are the best, hands down!
i am looking forward to fun filled adventures with my friends, meeting up with friends who have been away for quite some time, going on nerdy days out, going on birthday trips to visit a special birthday girl, and just general going out for drinks with normal guy friends. its just the waiting that annoys me. as i am in need of some creative ideas, hopefully will be going to visit lots of galleries on monday---i need to see some art!


Gabbi said...

Hate it when I don't feel creative! Hope you find some good inspires this weekend. Also, the birthday celebration sounds like fun... I have two of those this weekend too. One for an uncle and the second for my best friend. It should be fun! :)

▲my• said...

Daleks! How cool!
At the moment I'm quite mad at my dog though because he found a way to get onto a shelf where I'd displayed some of the little Doctor Who thing you'd given me and he ate the head right off my Cyber Man. :(
He no doubt got a stern talking to!
I really enjoyed the 5th Harry Potter movie. The first will forever remain my favorite though.
Birthdays! Yay! They're always so much fun. Celebrating is fun. :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Bethany Heron said...

My goshhh I love your blog so much :)

La R├ędacteur said...

I clicked on your blog...
And the very first thing I saw?
Daleks chasing The Doctor.
Blog-love at first site. :)

Wonderlander said...

Oh Nicola! I've been so absent from blogging since the end of uni- but your photos and stories make me smile so much. Hope you're well


claire eloise said...

i love the harry potter movies! i am quite seriously dying from excitement about the last two films!! & of course i love your dalek figures, you seriously have the coolest stuff! xx