Saturday, 6 August 2011

smile please

change is good. i am going to get a new job role at work, which should take off some of the pressure i have been feeling recently...i hope its a good thing. i don't see why it wouldnt be...i just feel a little bit of a failure. anyway, bah, enough about work, i got my pottermore account the other day! so yay! so super happy about that. today i went to a cute little fete near where i live with my parents, grandparents and my friend Charlotte. there were many cute stalls. i got a rather big pile of books, and won pink lemonade and other drinks on a drink tombola, listened to such an awesome guy singing, it rained a little...but it was still kinda nice.i am now off to hang out in my room...write letters to friends and to watch Arthur.


Bethany Heron said...

Your room looks so cool, filled with lovely interesting things :) xx

Sarah~Mechelle said...

Thank you for you lovely words.

Your room makes me want to create beautiful things. How do you ever leave it?! Smiles

Bookish.Spazz said...

Ahhh I love all of your photos! They make me want to be adventurous!

Hooray for your Pottermore account! I have mine too!

▲my• said...

Your room is so neat!


Dolly Daydream said...

Your room is so creative and wonderful!
You're lucky to be registered with Pottermore, I was away on holiday and have missed the chance.. :(

Mandy said...

ooo did you win at the raffle?? xx

Natalie said...

Those little baubles are so pretty! Good luck with the new job role, I'm sure it will go well. And hurrah for Pottermore! :) And getting piles of books, of course, hehe.

Lizzie said...

Man, that handwriting looks awfully familiar...<3

I agree, change is good. Best of luck with your new job role. Thank goodness it's not as stressful.


I aspire to have a room a cute as yours, Nicola! :)

Sez said...

NICOLA where did you get those lego harry potter figures I am soo jealous. I have been trying to get my pottermore acount but I always got there to late. How did you do it????? Much love xx

the tea drinking english rose said...

you posted! hooray!
oooh the fete! such a wonderful day. thank you ever so much for letting me come along. i need a copy of the pic of you and me---lovely lovely. frame worthy even!

lets get pet ferrets