Saturday, 20 August 2011

play me a little song

it was my sister's birthday yesterday. she had to get me out of bed so she could open her presents...i was still tired from these night shifts..i hope my body goes back to normal soon. she loved all her random gifts, and loved her t-shirt so much.
after she opened her presents we then we went to Canterbury for lunch, and maybe a little look around some shops. ah..Lego. my love. i am wanting a giant stars wars set..but that's gonna cost like £ money for Lego like that. after lunch, and a quick look around some shops, a SUPER WONDERFUL ice cream, we then nipped into this guitar shop my dad wanted to go in. he wanted another guitar to add to his collection, and he saw the one he wanted in the window..we went in and sat in the store while he played. my dad is pretty awesome. he used to be in a band when he was younger, just for fun and gigs around where he lived. i always think that its awesome. he doesn't think so. anyway, after long chats with the guy who owned the shop, and many many songs later, he got it. so i know have this really loud guitar waking me up in the morning. lovely. its not all bad..he plays songs i love.


Lizzie said...

Happy belated birthday to your sister! I think I've said this before, but it's still true: she's lucky to have such a loving and creative sister!

When you first told me you loved Legos I thought of the bins worth my family has in storage. My cousin used to be obsessed and often times after a visit with him I'd be inspired to make something. Perhaps one day in the future I can send you a set. :D

Super wonderful ice cream sounds super wonderful, haha. :)

I wish I knew how to play guitar.

sara tee said...

yummy looking paninis C: you always look like you have such fun days. happy birthday to your sister!!/_saratee

Bookish.Spazz said...

Ahhh happy late birthday to your sister!

Hopefully your body will go back to normal :/ I hate it when my internal clock is off.

Sarah~Mechelle said...

Your Dad sounds really cool! And a collection of guitars?! Thats awesome.

Your sis would be crazy to not like her gifts, you always show amazing taste here! Glad she had a good birthday.

Enjoy the rest of you weekend!

Nicole Linette said...

Hello, Nicola! I just found your blog via Natalie. It's really lovely, like the layout and how sleek the photos look. What a great day with your sister, and that your Dad bought that guitar!! He definitely shouldn't give that talent up.

+ follower now :)

Natalie said...

Happy birthday to your sister! :D That Lego place looks pretty freaking awesome, I must admit. I never did get into Legos that much as a kid, sadly. I was more of a Pokemon figure kind of girl. ;) But yay for ice cream! That always makes everything better!

Chantal said...

Lego! Lego is awesome :$
Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your sister ! Those costa coffee pannini's are making me hungry.

Sarah said...

I've never been to Caterbury before, from the picture it looks really pretty and picturesque. I'm glad that your sister had a lovely birthday - it certainly looks like she did!


shelbyisms said...

that food looks so good. so, so good.
lso, her hair is rad! happy belated birthday to your sister!

shelbyisms said...

that food looks so good. so, so good.
lso, her hair is rad! happy belated birthday to your sister!