Tuesday, 2 August 2011

one for sorrow, two for joy

so this is what the sky looked like when i got in at 5am after work....nice.went to visit my friend Claire this weekend for her birthday. my friend Laura also went. it was really nice to escape from life and just go away for the weekend.we went shopping, out for lunch at this AWESOME burger place...they were super amazing and i had a giant milkshake too, went to an outside play in a lovely park with a picnic, had a BBQ with family and friends, just hung out, went bowling, took silly photos in a photo booth, and just had fun. its hard because i used to spend all my time with them, and i used to live with them, now we just have to meet up when we can. it still feels really odd.
so when i got back from my weekend away, a package was left waiting for me. it was my summer swap package from lizzie. it was so awesome. cute maps, an amazing mix cd, a watercolour drawing of the tardis, so wonderful.also, my starkid t-shirts came yesterday. i will be wearing these all the time now.


Em [The Writer] said...

Wait I totally wanna do a package thingy!!

Dolly Daydream said...

That package looks delightful.
Oh, i see you have one of the Harry Potter, Keep Calm tops..
Im going to buy one (on pay day!) which says 'Keep Calm because Weasley Is Our King'!!


Sarah~Mechelle said...

Awesome shirts Nicola! I'm loving all the different 'keep calm' sayings that are going around.

I hate it when it becomes awkward when you haven't seen really good friends as much as you had. Its a shame, cause you don't want that odd feeling to be there.

Also your summer swap package looks amazing. Love the tardis drawing.

Have a great week!

▲my• said...

Looks like such a fun weekend. I love being able to see old friends. :)

Also, awesome shirt. Did we just coordinate our blogging shirts today or? :D

Glad you enjoyed the swap! How fun!

Natalie said...

Your weekend sounds like a great escape to me. :) Delicious food (and especially milkshakes! YUM!) and good company always make for fun times. Your package from Lizzie looks awesome! :D Amy is amazing for organizing the whole swap thing. And AHH, I LOVE YOUR STARKID SHIRTS!

Bookish.Spazz said...

I'm so envious of all your shirts! And your package from Lizzie looks wonderful! <3 TARDIS!

Maggie Shirley said...

I love all of the pictures you put in your posts.

The package from Lizzie looks wonderful! And I'm so excited you got your StarKid shirts! They're so pretty.

Lizzie said...

Sounds like an absolutely lovely weekend! I'm glad my package could be an awesome conclusion to it! I had so much fun making everything, especially the watercolor drawing!! <3

Those shirts are uber cool. :D

the tea drinking english rose said...

oh nicola. i am ever so envious. i wish i could have made it, though i would have missed out on a beautiful wedding. never mind. maybe next time?!
a play outside sounds amazing. one good thing about summer!

you are looking very pretty, i need to see your face soon.

another adventure and more photographs. definitely next week?