Sunday, 23 December 2012

Post Con-blues

So it's nearly Christmas! That's mega insane. This time last week I was having the best time. When to a Doctor Who convention where both David Tennant and Billie Piper were attending. I don't think I can even explain how nervous and excited I was to see Billie. She's always been my favourite. She was just wonderful. It was all a little bit of a blur. But I remember her being so lovely and polite, happy to meet you, and lots of smiling. Sigh. It was perfect. Seeing David again was just the same, just didn't know what to say to him...just he's too perfect right? So much I would love to say, but didn't. Eve Myles was also at the con. I had a lovely really long chat with her about the play she did with Zach Braff. I told her how much l loved the play, and wished I could of spoken to her after the show. I also said she did his work justice. Which then lead her on to tell me this long story about how Zach didn't realise she was welsh, and he cast her thinking she was British. Lots of Zach impressions later, still talking, and then signing my programme like twice...just because she's that awesome.
Although I now have a con-cold, I am trying to remain happy. This cold is making me feel super pants and rubbish, but thinking about last weekend makes it all worth while. I have met Billie...oh my goodness, I still can't believe it.


Lizzie said...

I'm pretty jealous of all the conventions you get to go to! My friend is going to a Doctor Who Convention next month.

I would really love to go to a John Green book signing.

Glad you had fun and sorry you're sick now! Drink some hot cocoa? :)

Love you, Nicola! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Bookish.Spazz said...


I'm glad you had such a blast!

lina said...

that's a GREAT photo of you & billie!! so exciting! i miss you & your awesomeness tons. just think, around this time last year, i was there with you! really really feeling the london/paris blues...

the tea drinking english rose said...

You are awesome!

shelbyisms said...

I miss you. I just miss you a lot.

And I swear, you have the most interesting life!