Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I love you

Valentines day was a nice quiet one this year. I had to work until 3:30, but I was greeted by David. Which put a wonderful smile on my face. Plus seeing other friends starting to fall in love with each other on this special day was magical.
I was given beautiful pastel pink and red roses. These were so gorgeous, and made me very happy. I also got Wish I Was Here on DVD. I am very excited about finally being able to watch this movie. Searching for cinemas to watch the movie was so hard, they didn't want to show it near me. I know this film won't be Garden State, but it's still wonderful to finally watch another Zach Braff film.
We had Chinese and snuggled in the evening. It was nice to just have a relaxed day. Plus I finally got to use my Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks, which are A-MAZING!!

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