Thursday, 5 February 2015

Little list

Valentines Day is just around the corner. So I have been making lots of heart shaped decorations and feeling loved. Valentines Day cookies and cupcakes by a colleague at work have made everyone very happy. 
Recently I have: 
- Enjoyed a trip to IKEA with friends. Which was actually pretty fun, and also kinda sad. Mostly because it made me want a super cute house to be able to decorate. 
- Played Animal Crossing quite a lot. I have fallen back in love with it again.
- Watched episodes and episodes of Community on Netflix.
- Planned trips to see different friends.
- Brought Valentines presents and cards.
- Listened to old CDs.
Listening to old CDs that I used to love has been interesting. Sending me back in time. Also I realise that I still love a lot of the old music I used to listen to. Let's all go and clean the dust off those old CDs, and re-live those memories.

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