Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Windy day in Margate

On Sunday I went to Margate for the day with my gorgeous friend Laura. It was a very cold and windy day. But it was still wonderful. There's something about being by the sea in the winter. I love it. It's quiet and calm.
We first visited the Dreamland exhibition. I saw this in the summer, but decided to visit again. Bright light and pinball tables light the room. It's very much a step back in time.
We then decided to have a nice warm drink and a pretty cupcake. So off to the Cupcake Cafe we went! I love this little gem in Margate. Delicious cupcakes and warm coffee and tea was wonderful.
After the yummy cake, we went to see the new Self exhibition at the Turner Contemporary. I know that I will be spending a lot of time looking at this show, so it was nice to go for the first time.
I really enjoyed the show. I was really impressed by the artwork they had on show. It really made you think about self, and the meaning of self. I enjoy seeing artists express them self in their work, so self portraits is a perfect way. I liked seeing Sarah Lucas' work. It reminded me of being a 6th form art student. I mean, that was over 11 years ago. That time when her work and others was so new to me. So surprising and not the art I had been used to at a young age. I always think back to when I first saw hers and Tracey Emin's work. It changed my idea of art. Seeing the Van Dyck was a wonderful experience as well.
After the gallery we decided to grab a bite to eat, and visited the Greedy Cow for giant sandwiches. These were amazing!
It was a lovely day. I was so sad to see Laura leave. However I'm looking forward to going to visit her soon.

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