Friday, 6 February 2015

'Mystery, magic and midnight feasts- The many adventures of Enid Blyton

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of going to see the new Enid Blyton exhibition at The Beaney in Canterbury. I grew up with my Nan reading Enid Blyton's stories to me. The Magic Faraway Tree was always my favourite. I loved the idea of ever changing lands above the Faraway Tree. Lands such as; Land of Do-As-You-Please, Land of Dreams, or Lands of Presents.
So as you have guessed, I was very excited about this exhibition. 'Mystery, magic and midnight feasts- The many adventures of Enid Blyton'. When I walked through the door, the first thing that caught my eye was the giant Noddy car. I watched children get really excited by Noddy's car. Still to this day, many years on Noddy is still alive in children's hearts.
The exhibition was also interactive as well as informative. There are toys and all different activity stations for children to enjoy. I liked wandering around the exhibition and feeling happy inside. I adore my Nan for reading her stories to me before bed when I used to stay over. Her stories made me dream. Her books take you away to a magical place, if only for a little while. But those stories remain deep inside you.
My favourite part of the show was being able to see Blyton's tiny nature diaries. Her diaries were about what she was doing, rather than her feelings. When you see someone's private diaries and books you are slowly stepping into their inner thoughts.
I found out lots of facts about Blyton in the exhibition. She wrote quickly. She typed with just two fingers. She only ever used her two index fingers to type on her typewriter. She could produce a full length novel in a week. Blyton wrote books for all ages, so children could grow up with her books.
The show is laid out in lots of tiny rooms. Each room contains so much wonder. It's like you are stumbling through her private diaries or stories she created. There is also a giant Faraway Tree, which made me smile and instantly feel young again. I mean, an actual Faraway Tree in front of me?! Younger Nicola would be jumping around from excitement.
I had ginger beer while I was at the exhibition. Drinking ginger beer gives you that warm feeling inside. That's what her books do. As soon as I had finished looking round the exhibition, I just wanted to hurry home to find my Enid Blyton books. I could then re-live all those childhood stories and memories in word form.
'Mystery, magic and midnight feasts- The many adventures of Enid Blyton' is running from now until Sunday 19th April 2015. In the special exhibitions room at The Beaney House of Arts and Knowledge. Oh, and PS, the gift shop is perfect! So many gorgeous treats to enjoy!

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Laura said...

This looks ace, i used to love Blyton's books as a kid. Especially the Faraway Tree & the Famous Five.