Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Photobooth adventures

I love photobooths photos, of course I do. There is something about that rush of seeing a photobooth hidden away, and quickly jumping in. Trying to make your hair look good, sort out your face, and hope you can take some super cute photos.
Of course the first photo always takes you by surprise. Shocked faces or looking down faces is always the case. The second one is sometimes a cute smile, a mega goofy one. Then it's on to a kiss or again another goofy one. Let's be honest most the of the photos I take are goofy. Then of course I love to throw a peace sign in there.
Photobooth photos have started to become very important to me. Every time I see one, I grab David and take a set. Then one day I will frame them all together and hang a giant frame full of them. My wonderful friends Shelby and Sam had done something very similar, and I wanted to do the same.
I love to take photobooth snaps with buddies too! Seeing how many people you can cram in is great. And you always get some fun shots.
My favourite place to grab a set of photos would be in Brighton in Snoopers Paradise. In the end, these photos are just perfect, and help me remember adventures.

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