Monday, 1 February 2016

Artist series: Heather Mathieson

I am going to start a new blogging series. I have met so many wonderful people through art groups, craft fairs and projects. Many of these people are now my friends, so talking about them shouldn't be very hard! 
The first artist I'm going to talk about is Heather Mathieson. She is a ceramicist and printmaker. She describers herself as a mummy, dog walker, beach comber, traveller, zoologist, cake maker, dreamer and biscuit eater. She is the coolest mum around!
She produces hand-thrown ceramics as well as creating gorgeous linocut prints from her little studio. She has an amazing eye and design style, from her beautiful pots, to mugs, to tiny little houses. Her houses have always been my favourite as they have so much character. I mean who wouldn't want a street of these cute houses?!
I first met Heather when I joined the Made in Herne Bay group. She made me feel so welcome in the group with her bubbly and friendly manner. Plus she loves Star Wars, which makes her even more awesome.
Heather is continuing to extend her range with new lino prints of birds. These look very exciting and I can't wait to see more. I love the way she uses colour and layers within the print.
Make sure to follow her on Instagram as she takes the best photos when she is out and about, and Twitter for more updates on her work.


Charlotte Judge said...

Love the colours on those gorgeous mugs! Very excited for more of this new series!! Love and miss you xxx

Dillon said...

Can't wait to see some of your other features!